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MindforYou Community Share Offer

Shaped by YOU

People affected by dementia can still experience joy and relaxation.

Together with YOU

We will provide more life enhancing leisure activities and holidays.

Mind for YOU

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive society for all.

Many people affected by dementia are overstretched and in great need of rest & relaxation. As dementia specialists we provide tailored holidays and leisure activities. Unlike standard holidays we focus on lasting relationships and catering to each individual. We care about the short and long term positive impact our activities have on those in our dementia community.

From the joy of making memories, to living full and independent lives.

The number of people living with dementia is escalating. By 2025 one million people in the UK will be living with the condition. MindforYou are responding to this challenge by seeking your involvement in our community share offer to develop our organisation.

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Who are MindforYou?

Watch the video to hear how MindforYou came to be and why we’re so excited about our next adventure.

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So, who benefits from your community share investment?

People like the couple on the left, Jim and Sylvia, seen here enjoying 1 out of their 9 holidays with MindforYou in Perthshire.

Having found each other later in life, the couple married in their 60s – only for Sylvia to be diagnosed with dementia just seven years later. As Sylvia’s main carer, Jim had tried many other holiday providers, but none were able to provide the necessary support. As Sylvia’s condition progressed, dealing with unfamiliar places and experiences could be especially stressful – but not with MindforYou.

‘MindforYou is simply the best thing to ever happen to me’

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Interested in reading more about MindforYou’s share offer & our plans for the future?

View our Offer Document
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Our Board of Directors

As a Charitable Community Benefit Society, MindforYou will be governed by a group of Directors. To ensure continuity they have appointed MindforYou creator and founder as their CEO. Why not take a look and find out why they’re so well suited for the job.

Meet our Board Members

Information for Investors

What is a Charitable Community Benefit Society?2021-03-16T16:51:29+00:00

A Charitable Community Benefit Society has charitable aims in its objectives and is an organisaton run primarily for the benefit of the community at large, rather than just for the members of the society.

What are Community Shares?2021-03-16T16:52:02+00:00

Community shares are withdrawable share capital created by co-operative and community benefit society legislation.

Only co-operative societies, community benefit societies or charitable community benefit societies can issue these shares.

The major reason to invest in community shares is to support the community’s purpose, not to make financial gain.

You will never get more for your community shares than you paid in.

 Depending on the performance of the organisation, you should get an annual interest payment.

The Community Shares Unit has created a guide to “Investing in Community Shares”, which you may find useful.

Download the Guide
When will the share offer be available?2021-03-31T09:43:51+01:00
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MindforYou Share Offer on Ethex

Our current share offer will be administered via Ethex and is now OPEN!

Read more about Ethex and learn how they can make your money do good.

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View our Share Offer on Ethex

If you’re interested to see how our Charitable Community Benefit Society will be run, then please click the below button to read our rules. As a CCBS we must adhere to these rules so we can operate in the correct way.

Charitable Community Benefit Society Rules

As we’ve converted from a Limited Company to a Charitable Community Benefit Society, please click the below button to view and download MindforYou Ltd.’s 2020 accounts.

MindforYou Ltd. 2020 Accounts

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