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Discover your Joy Inside with our online, interactive small group sessions.

‘The Joy Inside’

Interactive Themed
Small-Group Sessions

A hosted combination of short, easy going, activities enable you and your loved one with dementia to share stories and engage in stimulating conversations.

‘Talking Together’

Weekly Sessions

 We host a FREE Talking Together session held every Wednesday. Come and chat with like minded people about the highs and lows of your week. Our Talking Together sessions provide a relaxed, safe and supportive environment where you can share whatever you want. Come along for companionship and the opportunity for a good chat.

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Why we Developed Our Digital Services

Grown out of our personal and professional experience with dementia, MindforYou believe passionately that people living with dementia and their families can still continue to enjoy life. Having reached out to our guests at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, they told us they wanted a safe place to talk with people who understood, to receive support, to meet new friends and to share new experiences.

We developed two digital services to support them in their own homes.

Working together and listening to our guests we created interactive, tailored digital experiences. Talking Together provides peer support and Joy Inside Themed Sessions bring a little bit of joy into lives, both services help combat isolation.


Talking Together Lead


Joy Inside Lead

So why not join us?

Worried our themed sessions might not be for you? Or might not appeal to your loved one living with dementia? Fear not as there’s no commitment! Take us up on our offer of your first two sessions completely FREE and see what you think! Your regular sessions are priced at only £10 per household.

Or, do you need help with getting set up to join our session?

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