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Expereienced and compassionate drivers accompany and drive you, stopping as frequently as required along the way. We pick guests up from their homes in our people carrier/car and take them straight to the meeting point on the Monday, helping with luggage and providing entertainment.


You may also be driven by our partner travel company Driving Miss Daisy. A safe, friendly, and reliable community companion and driving service who provide companion driving services for the elderly, children, disabled and for anyone who is unable to drive.


We book your tickets and seats with Journey Care for optimal support at the train station and on your journey.


We guarantee a MindforYou memeber of staff will be there to meet you on the platform and help you with your luggage and the next leg of your journey.

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MindforYou can help to select the optimal travel to and from your holiday destination. We can organise car, train or air transportation. Each option can include door to door return transport. If required, a MindforYou travel companion can join you for all or part of the journey.

Extra Cost: Car travel prices vary depending on your location, but are equivalent with low cost taxi fares.


We book your tickets and make airlines aware you are travelling with somebody living with dementia, so they can provide you with priority through airport security, boarding etc.


We guarantee a MindforYou member of staff will meet you at the arrival gate and help with luggage and the next leg of your journey.

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If you would like to discuss your travel options further please give us a call on 01509 351008 OR why not check out our Travel Advice page below

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