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The Odoms were able to look forward to family holidays again, thanks to MindforYou.


Ben Odom was only 61 when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dementia in 2015.


As Ben’s condition progressed, his wife Janet initially continued to book conventional holidays for them and their teenage children Jemima and Elliott, but they weren’t very successful.

“In Corfu, Ben couldn’t remember how to find his clothes or the door to our apartment. We went to Albania for a day and he was scared we were going to leave him there. In Brittany the following year I had to do all the driving and Ben was unhappy and disorientated.”

Ben’s condition rapidly declined over the following year and in desperation, Janet started searching for holiday alternatives. She was struggling to find anything suitable until she came across a newspaper article about MindforYou.

She made contact, and the result was MindforYou’s first ever whole family holiday – with Carol and Calum from the team accompanying the Odoms on a trip to Norfolk.


“Carol was very receptive to the idea, even though MindforYou had only catered for individuals or couples at that point. They took the time to come and see us beforehand to discuss our needs. No other holiday company would do that.”

“MindforYou gave time for us and the kids to be together without having to worry, it was such a relief. Ben and I could be independent if we wanted, but I knew that support was available throughout the day if we needed it. It was brilliant – and the food was amazing!


“The whole holiday was a surprise, but in a nice way. It was brilliant. The kids really enjoyed it and want to go again. I would definitely recommend MindforYou, we had such a lovely time.”  

Having been picked up from their Rochester home in Kent by MindforYou’s partner travel company Driving Miss Daisy, the Odoms thoroughly enjoyed the MindforYou experience.


Janet said: “It was so good. We were spending money with someone we hadn’t used before, but from the very beginning we were put at our ease.


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The Odom Family

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