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Jim and Sylvia Wallace went on their first ever MindforYou holiday back in 2015 and have been big fans ever since.


Having found each other later in life, the couple from Portishead in Somerset married in their 60s in 2003 – only for Sylvia to be diagnosed with dementia just seven years later.

As Sylvia’s main carer, Jim had tried many other holiday providers, but none of them were able to provide the necessary support. So when he heard about MindforYou’s debut trip to his native Scotland, he was hesitant at first.


“It was the fear of the unknown, I suppose. But on that holiday I could feel all my problems falling away. Everyone was so caring. When I tried to say thank you on the final day, I became very emotional.”

As Sylvia’s condition has progressed, she has become more reliant on a wheelchair and has particular catering needs. Dealing with unfamiliar places and experiences can be especially stressful – but not with MindforYou.


Jim and Sylvia have now been on no fewer than nine MindforYou holidays, and former lorry driver Jim even recommends them to others he knows are living with dementia.

“Every trip feels like a proper holiday and Sylvia loves going. We’re always doing fun things and the days fly by. The MindforYou team have been absolutely fantastic, I even get told off if I try to do too much of the caring!


“I just wish I had the money to go even more often but still, MindforYou offers incredible value. They always talk to us in advance so they’re ready to meet every single one of our needs. But it’s the number of staff on the holidays and how caring they are which makes the real difference.


”MindforYou  is simply the best thing ever to happen to me.”

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Jim and Sylvia

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