FAQ’s…Your Questions Answered


Where do we stay?

We stay in dementia friendly luxury holiday properties with easy to follow floor plans suitable for guests with mobility issues and pre-inspected by MfU for suitability. All bedrooms are en-suite and we provide a range of sleeping and bathroom options to suit your preference.


How long is the holiday?

All our holidays are five days, Monday to Friday.


What does a typical day on holiday look like?

Typically, breakfast is served at 9am and consists of a “full English” or continental, followed by MyTime from 10am till 11.30am. Here, our staff provide stimulating activities for individuals or groups before heading out to lunch around noon. Lunch is generally in a café en route or at the location of our afternoon excursion. We return to the property around 4.30pm so you can relax before dinner at 6.30pm. Following dinner we all get together and enjoy one another’s company and maybe be entertained by some music or games until 9pm. After 9pm you can relax before bed while MindforYou staff catch up with their families.


What is MyTime?

MyTime is the opportunity for couples or individuals to relax and do their own thing with support available should it be needed. This could be doing activities in the couple of hours after breakfast, on excursions or in the evening at the property.


What activities do we do in the house?

We have a range of different activities available including jigsaws, dominoes, puzzles, flower arranging, reiki, seated exercises, dance, mindfulness colouring, pampering sessions, bingo and different sensory games.


Why do MfY visit us before our holiday?

We like to get to know you, your needs and discuss any reservations you may have to re-assure you. This is best achieved by speaking face to face with a member of staff who will be with you on your holiday. We visit you at home to go through details in your support questionnaire.


Is a MfY holiday right for me?

MfY provide an environment for everyone at all stages of their dementia journey. While we try and cater for everyone’s needs, unfortunately we cannot accommodate people who require personal care more than twice a day.


Can I have my current care package on holiday?

Yes. MfY can transfer your current home care package to the holiday property whilst you are on holiday. We liaise with your current and holiday care provider to make it all as stress-free as possible.


Do MfY provide assistance equipment / aids?

Yes. We can provide a list on request, examples of which include: grab rails, incontinence sheets, wheelchairs, night lights, raised toilet seats etc.


Are laundry facilities are available at the property?

There are laundry facilities at every holiday property. If an “accident” were to occur then M4U staff are there to help.


How many guests are there on a holiday?

We accommodate a maximum of ten guests as five couples.


Can you accommodate guests that want to come on their own?

Yes. However we will need to implement our “Platinum package” as they will require there own dedicated member of staff to accompany them.


What happens if our health declines before the holiday?

Get in touch with MfY immediately to discuss your situation and options. If needed, we will work with you to identify possibilities of postponing your holiday.


What if I feel unwell on the holiday?

Speak to a member of MfY staff immediately and we will arrange doctor’s appointments should you become ill. Please provide us with an emergency contact on your support questionnaire that we can contact during your holiday should you need taking home.


What if my loved one becomes agitated?

All our staff have experience of these situations and plans are in place that provide different distraction techniques to support both of you should the need arise.


Should I take out travel insurance?

Definitely. MfY recommend FISH insurance – a specialized disability insurance company – telephone 0333 331 3770. If you need to cancel your holiday, you need to give us at least 60 days notice prior to your holiday in order to receive a full refund.


Hopefully this has helped answer any questions, however if you would like more information then please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01509 351008 or via email at info@mindforyou.co.uk.