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For Dennis Tierney from Derby, MindforYou holidays have been a Godsend.


In their younger days, Dennis and his wife Betty were great travellers – enjoying trips to exotic locations like Hawaii and the Caribbean. So after Betty was diagnosed with dementia, the adjustment was difficult.

Dennis recalls: “When Betty became poorly, we couldn’t go anywhere. I had 5 years of solitude, tied to the bungalow.”


The couple had been married for 52 years when Betty died in 2018 at the age of 92. By then, Dennis had also been diagnosed as living with dementia. With mobility problems too, he was also at risk of becoming socially isolated

Then 89-year-old Dennis heard about MindforYou, and he hasn’t looked back. The former production worker for the Daily Mirror has already enjoyed five MfY holidays and has booked to go on two more.


He goes as a solo guest, but he’s certainly not alone

“I love to get out and meet people, and with MindforYou we always go to such lovely places too. I’m thankful all the time. For me, it’s great value for money.


“The key thing is the support they provide, especially the transport. They come to the front door to collect me. I couldn’t go anywhere without them.


“If I can go on holiday at my age and with my challenges, anyone can!”

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