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MindforYou provide specialised support from experienced staff at the house and on excursions between 9am - 9pm. We have two different support package options for you to choose between. These are broken down below.


Standard Support Package

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Our standard support package is one member of experienced MindforYou support staff for every two couples. Some of the things we support include:

Providing individualised or group activities for you to do together or seperately after breakfast e.g. listening to special songs, going for a walk, doing a jigsaw.

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Driving you during the holiday and assisting in and out of vehicles.

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Identifying the best access to cafes or excursions.

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Prompting and escorting people to the toilet at the accommodation or when we are out on excursions.

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Arranging group activities after dinner for you to enjoy together or individually. For example, chat and reminisce round the dinner table, dance, play bingo, watch our slideshow of photos of your holiday

One to One Support

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Our one to one support package is having your own dedicated and experienced member of MindforYou support staff. We support all of the above as well as additional stated below:

Additional personalised support for people, e.g one to one activities such as morning walk

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Extra support for people or couples with complex needs e.g. pushing wheelchair while on excursions

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More independent time for either carer or the person living with dementia e.g. allowing the carer to spend the day by themselves.

Extra Cost: To cover the cost of a dedicated experienced member of staff

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Dementia Support

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To discuss your support package further and understand which one is right for you please give us a call on 01509 351008

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Medical student, Holiday Support Staff for MindforYou

'Getting John up to dance with his wife on the last evening'


Retired CPN & Registered Nurse, Holiday staff for MindforYou

'Marjorie giving me a sneaky wink before she was going to say something cheeky'

Meet some of our staff and learn about their personal favourite MindforYou holiday memory:

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Dementia Support Worker, Holiday Support Staff for MindforYou

'Helping Margaret shopping for a new dress and the delight on her face when we found the perfect one'

MindforYou Staff